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ON THE COVER: For American college students, sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, and abortion are not abstract, intellectual curiosities: they form a vivid part of our everyday idiom.

Abortion in the Age of Alito
While advocates on both sides typically pitch the dispute as a moral one—a black-or-white struggle between the preservation of innocent life and a woman’s right to choose—in fact, the fiercest abortion-related battles have taken place in courtrooms. More>>

An HIV Microbicide
Imagine that your husband is coming home today. You haven’t seen him in the year since he left your small village to work in diamond mines 200 miles away. He left because farming wasn’t yielding enough food to feed the family. You’re almost certain that he wasn’t faithful during his time away. More>>

An HIV Misconception
A common misconception is that HIV can be transmitted through a bathroom or by touching something in a room that an infected person touched.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact HIV can only be transmitted through certain bodily fluids by DIRECT contact with the other person. Once the virus leaves the body it quickly dies. Kim Smith on her Sydney Bathroom Renovation Blog took the time to accurately cover this topic. Please visit the page linked to above to read about it.

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Abortion in the Age of Alito

An HIV Microbicide

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